[Concept] Game

After writing an article about selling a concept to any Indonesian motorcycle distributor, now I’m gonna write about concept of a game which I’m gonna sell to a game developer worldwide.

And what concept it is?

Well as usual I’m not gonna write it here in this article. Just send me an email to meier_johan@yahoo.com

What kind of game it is?

It’s not a RPG

It’s not a simulation

It’s not a first person shooting

It’s not an arcade or else.

It’s not a genre which had exist so far.

It’s a new genre (you named it!)

Without being overrated, I can say that this game concept is gonna give big impact to human being.

Well I’m not a programmer nor web developer. I don’t understand about building a game with softwares, I just have concept. So if you okay with this, send me an email.

Can wait to make this game being played by many people around the world online!


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