I (learn to write)

An ordinary activity in the morning weekdays for a mid low employee like me is having a tight schedule to catch up my time bus or I’ll get late to arrive to my cubical or spent much money to pay taxi.
Early at six am the bicycle alarm clock wake me deafly. The next thirty minutes is a bathing and etc including choosing what am I gonna wear that day. Then I enjoy a bowl of porridge and a cup of warm tea.
At seven I leave the studio apartement and walking for about two hundred meters to the south, wait for the 7.15 bus. Simple, common, usual, or ordinary. Nothing special. But not that day.

The bus come. Including me there are four of us that step in into the bus. It’s a forty five minutes ride, I prefer to listen music and closing my eyes. But a moment later a hand gently hit my shoulder. The conductor offering me to rent tablet along the ride. What a surprise. Then I give him five thousand rupiah and he give me an option, Dell or Apple? I choose the last one.


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