The First Chapter Of The New Era

Here’s my first writing in this WP. Well, much things i would like to share but for the first time let start with simple note about the first chapter of new era in mobile phone and laptop.

As we can see, read, and hear in these times there are so many tablet gadget produced by famous manufacturer. I can mention some of them.

1. Apple with Ipad and Ipad 2 coming soon
2. Research In Motion with Playbook
3. Samsung with Tab
4. Acer with Iconia
5. Dell with Streak (Streak 2 will coming soon)

I never touch and test all of them, so my writing is just based from what i’ve known from internet and friends testimony. After all this note is isn’t about each of them performance, it’s about the trend.

All those five glorious gadget i’ve listed ahead, i named as a first chapter of the new era of mobile phone and laptop in the industry. Especially with Ipad, it’s the revolutioner.

In Indonesia where people loved trending things, this five gadget is the most hunted or dreamt by young and dynamic person. Even it might be some of them is not know how to use it in maximum.

Worldwide as what happen in Indonesia, many people watch and hunt these kind of gadget aka smartphone aka tablet. As the demand rise, the manufacturer will compete in fast line to create new and lovely tablet.

Many things will improve and create in the new product, some will be leaved just like infra red in oldies mobile phone or flooppy disc in computer. Hmm, i wonder what kind of improvement will the manufacturer bring in their valuable product?

As i dream can have one of those things, i also dreamt what kind of MUST HAVE function or facility in the next gen of them.

1. Internal modem which can make these gadgets online in wherever i may. Just like eksternal modem nowday but they had put it inside the gadget. Monthly i just paid the bill to the internet provider. Well isn’t it will be useless if a mobile gadget can’t go “mobile” in everywhere?

Unless all of the corner in this universe has it’s on wifi, we don’t need that internal modem anymore.

2. New solution for battery. Well doesn’t it weird if high end tablet ended by empty power battery? Battery is so yesterday even some improvement had been done to make battery can live longer. So find solution to change battery to make these high end gadget can live like, forever!

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